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Welcome on the UVMag website!

This website is regularly updated as the project progresses and new information becomes available. Browse through the top menu and left menu to find informations.

You can also find information about the Arago mission on the Arago website.

Latest news:

June 2016: The Arago LoI for M5 has been submitted to ESA.

April 2016: An Arago Payload consortium meeting was held on April 19-20 at CNES in Paris.

January 2016: The next Arago Payload consortium meeting will be held on April 19-20 at CNES in Paris.

December 2015: An Arago Payload consortium meeting was held on December 1-2 at CNES in Paris.

November 2015: ESA meeting with PIs on November 26 and individual interviews on November 27. M5 call expected in Spring 2016 with deadline expected in Summer 2016.

November 2015: TAS and ADS started industrial studies for Arago’s platform and telescope.

September 2015: A Statement of Interest regarding ESA’s M5 call has been submitted for Arago.

June 2015: ESA selected Ariel, Thor and Xipe as candidates for M4.

March 2015: CNES started a Phase 0 study for Arago, in preparation for M5.

January 2015: The Arago proposal has been submitted to ESA as an answer to its M4 call.

November 2014: The Arago Payload consortium met on November 21 in Paris to converge on the final Work Breakdown Structure and M4 proposal content.

November 2014: CNES performs an audit of Arago on November 19-20.

October 2014: NASA provides a letter to the Arago team stating that Arago’s objectives are aligned with NASA’s Science Plan.

September 2014: The UVMag consortium submitted a Letter of Intent to ESA for a M-size mission called Arago.

August 2014: ESA issued the M4 call: LoI deadline on September 16, 2014, ESA meeting with PIs on September 26, 2014, full proposal deadline on January 15, 2015, ESA selection in March 2015.

July 2014: ESA issued a preliminary announcement for its M4 call: LoI expected on mid-September 2014 and full proposal mid-January 2015.

May 2014: The first UVMag Science consortium meeting took place in Paris on May 19-20.

May 2014: Martin Barstow from Leicester (UK) becomes UVMag’s instrument scientist.

May 2014: The UVMag core team visited the MPS to discuss their contribution to UVMag.

March 2014: Jean-Michel Reess from LESIA (Paris Observatory) becomes UVMag’s project manager. Pernelle Bernardi (LESIA) is UVMag’s system engineer.

March 2014: CNES recommends a Phase 0 study for UVMag at its quaternal prospective meeting, to prepare for an ESA M-size mission proposal, and lists UVMag among its priorities for future astrophysical missions.

February 2014: The UVMag science consortium will meet in Paris on May 19 and 20.

January 2014: The UVMag R&D team will visit CNES on February 18 for a progress review.

January 2014: The UVMag payload consortium met in Paris. The presentations are available to the consortium in the Intranet section of this website.

November 2013: The UVMag payload consortium will meet in Paris on January 14, 2014.

November 2013: Martin Pertenaïs has started a PhD dedicated to the optical design of the UVMag spectropolarimeter.

May 2013: A proposal for a large UV and Optical mission, EUVO, has been submitted to ESA for its call for L2/L3 scientific themes. See the NUVA website.

March 2013: UVMag participates in a white paper for the ESA call for L2/L3 scientific themes, which proposes a Large UV and Visible Observatory.

January 2013: UVMag has been submitted to CNES at its call for new ideas for future space missions.

September 2012: The French space agency CNES has allocated a 3-year R&D study for UVMag.